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Historians and Genealogists

in the Heart of Europe

The Free State of Saxony, one of Germany’s most splendid cultural landscapes, is situated in the heart of Europe. Located in the valley of the River Elbe, and bordered by the Elbsandsteingebirge Mountains to the south and the Meissen and Radebeul Vineyards to the north, the state capital Dresden is the political and cultural centre of Saxony.

The renaissance city, with its world-famous sights including the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) Semper Opera House, Zwinger Palace and many other cultural treasures, has now been lovingly restored to its former glory, having been almost completely destroyed in World War II, and today welcomes visitors from around the world.

As the centrepiece of the Saxon Wine Route, the City of Radebeul extends from the sloping vineyards in Loessnitz to the meadowy banks of the River Elbe, with its own distinct charm, impressive architecture and lush greenery. Besides the wineries and Karl May Museum, visitors can also travel on a historical narrow-gauge railway that takes them off the beaten path, and enjoy some fine wines.

  • Blick auf die Elbe
  • Historiker und Ahnenforscher in Dresden
  • Historiker und Ahnenforscher in Radebeul

“Global genealogy research”

State-of-the-Art, Fast and Professional Genealogy Services

State-of-the-Art Genealogy

Our probate research work takes us to archives, authorities, churches and courts around the world and leads to many questions and conversations – we work wherever there is information and knowledge that could help solve our cases.

Our historians use all research resources available, from pencils to sophisticated computer applications. And when we reach our limits, we have capable partners to help us.

We are passionate about our work, and generally successful in finding the entitled beneficiaries.

Further information on probate and estate research.

Christopher Kramer
Christopher KramerManaging Director
Over 20 years of experience in probate research.

No Financial Risk

Beneficiaries are not exposed to any financial risks for our probate research, as we pre-finance all expenditures. The fee is not payable until the research is completed successfully and the heirs are found, based on a prior service agreement.

For domestic estates, the fee can be up to 30% of the inheritance, plus the statutory value-added tax. The final total varies depending on the complexity of the research and the value of the estate.

Fees can be higher if our probate research requires work in other countries. However, the full costs of probate research are tax deductible for heirs and can be claimed from the responsible tax office as part of the estate administration costs

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Charity Projects

As part of our global work as probate researchers, we often secure significant inheritances for our clients.

However, the best part of our job is experiencing the happiness of heirs, who may not have had much luck in life until then, when they hear about an unexpected inheritance that could solve many of their problems. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is that lucky. In our research, we often encounter great injustice and poverty.

That is why Kramer & Kollegen’s team of historians and genealogists supports social projects with regular donations and aid appeals.

Giving Joy

Many of the heirs we find don’t even know that they are entitled to an inheritance. Naturally, their joy on learning of this sudden windfall is all the greater. It enables them to fulfil many wishes they might not have been able to afford otherwise.

However happy our own luck makes us, we should spare a thought for those who are unlikely to ever enjoy such a windfall. The greatest joy of all is sharing your luck with other people.

Even small amounts can reduce great suffering. As a result, we would be delighted to receive your support for our social projects.

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